Skiing @ St. Anton am Arlberg – SkiTrip 2016, part 1

7 people, 2 cars, more than 1600 kilometers to drive. Destination: Arlberg area, Austria. We do it third year in a row. Last 2 years we went around Kaprun and Zillertal areas, but more about those trips in some other posts.

Our final destination was Pettneu am Arlberg, traditional Alps-styled village, 5km far from St. Anton. It offers much cheaper accommodation than St. Anton, but it’s still connected with the ski area with free regular (each 15 minutes) bus lines. It was our “base camp” while skiing every day in different resort. Continue reading “Skiing @ St. Anton am Arlberg – SkiTrip 2016, part 1”


Galichnik is a mountain village in the Republic of Macedonia and along with Lazaropole is one of the two biggest and oldest Mijak villages in the region. Galichnik has well preserved traditional architecture, including an amphitheater in the village square, and is famous for its surrounding countryside and nature reserve. People from Galichnik and northwestern Macedonia appreciate the local yellow cheese (Kashkaval) that is produced in the region as well as the local salt brine white cheese “belo sirenje”.
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